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A true classic, the massage is the perfect introduction for a new spa-goer, and the ideal gift for anyone needing to unwind.
BOTANICLE HEMP MASSAGE – 55 MIN. ($120)  80 MIN. ($160)

(The ADD on of the CBD  oil is $25.00 to ANY MASSAGE OFFERED )

Great for sore muscles and trigger point pain related to neuropathy and joint pain.

For treatment of skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis.

Terepenoids and Cannabinoids both help increase blood flow and enhance cortical activity promote the blocking pain receptors for many autoimmune and neurologic concerns.

SIGNATURE SWEDISH – 25 MIN. ($55) 55 MIN. ($90) 80 MIN. ($120)

The most familiar type of massage. A relaxing, therapeutic session incorporating long flowing and kneading strokes, utilizing special creams to promote circulation. A great massage for a first-time experience.

Massage In Tandem – 60 MIN. ($180)

An invigorating experience for restoring mental, physical and spiritual well being. Two therapists working together in rhythmic manner simultaneously heighten the massage experience. Escape from reality as four hands work to increase blood circulation, provide deep relaxation and enhance your well being.

Bella Vita Honey Treatment – 55 MIN. ($150) 90 MIN. ($175)

This whole body treatment provides deep relaxation with the combination of a Honeycomb Thermal pack along the reflex zones of the back, followed by a warm candle massage. The honey stimulates the activity of the organs, enhances the body’s metabolic activity and immune system, and helps in the prevention of tension and pain. The honey treatment is also exfoliating, purifying and moisturizing.

Deep Tissue – 55 MIN. ($110) 85 MIN. ($135)

An intense and invigorating massage, ideal for the person seeking more detailed focus to relieve stress in specific muscle and joint groups. Designed with the athlete in mind, the deep tissue massage brings the body to peak performance.

Couples Romance Retreat – 120 MIN. ($350)

The ultimate luxury for couples! The journey begins with an exfoliating massage to simultaneously smooth the skin and awaken the senses with lavender, citrus and helichrysum. These essential oils are wonderful for stress, sore muscles and relaxation, and will be added to the Soak in the form of effervescent bath crystals. Once immersed in the aromatherapy bath, you’ll relax as a waterfall lulls your mind to a faraway place of leisure. After the Soak, lie side by side for a full body massage to complete this romantic couples experience

Mother-To-Be Massage – 60 MIN. ($90)

Massage is the ideal way to keep your ever-changing body in balance. But since it is unadvisable to lie on your stomach past the third month of pregnancy, many expecting mothers miss out. With the use of our pregnancy pillow, our talented massage therapists can easily access your back for a thorough, customized massage, so you can finally achieve relaxation

Bella Fiore Treatment – 90 MIN. ($160)

This total treatment experience seduces the senses while imparting exquisitely silky skin. After a fragrant algae oil and salt scrub body polish, relax on a massage table as you are anointed with steamed, fragrant fabric bundles filled with Sea Salt Crystals and dried lavender flowers. Their thermal powers are delivered to tight muscles and their hypnotic perfume is inhaled throughout a massage that relaxes aching muscles and balances energy meridians. This Thai-inspired massage technique unwinds areas of tension and restores well-being to the entire body. Gentle therapist-guided stretching awakens you from this tranquilizing, sea-inspired experience.

Couples Bella Fiore Retreat – 120 MIN. ($400)

This romance-inspired journey begins with a private bath ritual in our exclusive couple’s suite. Our fragrant jetted soak tub will rejuvenate the senses while the aromatics of effervescent lavender, cistus and helichrysum enhance relaxation. The soak is followed by a regenerative treatment that begins with an exfoliation for the skin with a fragrant algae oil and salt scrub to naturally stimulate the body’s immune system and leave your skin silky smooth. Next, as you relax on our side-by-side massage tables, you will be anointed with steamed, fragrant bundles filled with Sea Salt Crystals and dried lavender flowers that will surrender your mind and body to relaxation, concluding in total bliss with a Thai-inspired massage. Emerge rejuvenated, renewed and relaxed.

Couples Ultimate Tandem Retreat – 240 MIN. ($650)

The ultimate treatment for restoring mental, physical and spiritual bliss together. Two highly skilled therapists work together in a rhythmic manner on each of you simultaneously to heighten the massage experience. With four hands, you will lose your point of reference and disconnect from reality as you benefit from increased blood circulation, deep relaxation and well-being. Following your Tandem massage, you will receive our European Facial, finishing with our Lavender Bliss Reflexology Pedicure.

Medical Massage: – 15 MIN. ($40)

For the treatment of injuries and/or muscle related pain. 

Insurance Approval required, with a Dr.s Prescription

Cost $40 per 15 minutes, all incurance billable.

Bella Custom Couples Packages – Prices Vary

Allow us to create a personalized Couples Spa Escape for you in one of our stunning locations. Please contact us @ for an experience to be remembered!

Available upon request to enhance your service experience.  Please inform your Service Provider prior to treatment of any add-ons desired.  

Aromatherapy – $15

Indulge and appease your senses with a choice of seven delightful aromatherapy scents

Thermal Beeswax Pad – $20

Enjoy a warm New Mexico honey application followed by a bee propolos strip on the spine to boost immune system function & reduce allergy symptoms

Hot Therapy Pack – $15

Quickly promotes relaxation through the use of herbal-infused linen compresses.  Great for use with deep tissue therapy.