Luxury Massages - La Bella Spa • Salon
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Luxury Massages


Warm herbal-infused linen compresses are applied to any areas of the body suffering from pain, prior to a deep tissue massage; the use of Arnica cream will relieve the pain of sore tense muscles due to increased physical activity or chronic conditions like tendonitis, arthritis, or joint pain.


Two therapists working together in rhythmic manner simultaneously heightening the massage experience. Escape from reality as four hands work to increase blood circulation, provide deep relaxation and enhance your well-being..

COUPLES MASSAGE: 55 MIN. ($185) 85 MIN. ($240)

During this special time, couples lie side by side and simultaneously receive a full body massage that results in an ultimately relaxing experience.

BELLA HONEY TREATMENT: 55 MIN. ($150) 90 MIN. ($175)

The Honey Treatment helps to balance the vital energy of the body by boosting your immune system with the use of a Bee Propolis Strip, local honey & essential oils. This whole body treatment provides a deep relaxation with rhythmic myofascial massage techniques and warmth.


This total treatment experience seduces the senses while imparting exquisitely silky skin. After a fragrant oil and salt scrub body polish, relax on a massage table as you are anointed with steamed, fragrant fabric bundles filled with Sea Salt Crystals and dried lavender flowers. Their thermal powers are delivered to tight muscles and their hypnotic perfume is inhaled throughout a massage that relaxes aching muscles and balances energy meridians. This Thai-inspired massage technique unwinds areas of tension and restores well-being to the entire body. Gentle therapist-guided stretching awakens you from this tranquilizing experience.


The journey begins with an exfoliating massage to simultaneously smooth the skin and awaken the senses. Essential oils are then used and added to the Soak. Once immersed in the aromatherapy bath, you’ll relax as a waterfall lulls your mind to a faraway place of leisure. After the Soak, lie side by side for a full body massage to complete this romantic couples experience.

BELLA STONE: 85 MIN. ($150)

This unique treatment utilizes a multifaceted technique using hot and cold stones, and a specific massage, that results in a therapeutic benefit that goes beyond measure.

BOTANICLE HEMP MASSAGE – 55 MIN. ($120)  80 MIN. ($160)

(The ADD on of the CBD  oil is $25.00 to ANY MASSAGE OFFERED )

Great for sore muscles and trigger point pain related to neuropathy and joint pain.

For treatment of skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis.

Terepenoids and Cannabinoids both help increase blood flow and enhance cortical activity promote the blocking pain receptors for many autoimmune and neurologic concerns.